Wayne Vore

Easily the best game of this road trip and it should be a dandy. A real TNT showcase game. Let’s see what I think.

1. Song of the Game: Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter

I stumbled across this cd in the clearance bin at Half Price Books the other day. I really like the opening track a lot. I bet it would be fantastic live. Enjoy!

2. Who Has to Be Stopped: Jamal Crawford

I figure Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will get theirs and that the Spurs will probably make them work hard to do it. Jamal Crawford is the guy who can really fill it up off the bench. If they aren’t getting the points from Jamal then the Clips might struggle to put the ball in the basket at times.

3. Who Has to Go Off: Gary Neal

I don’t think our second unit, even with Manu back, can afford to not get points from Gary Neal. He’s the only guy on the bench who’s a reliable threat from the outside. And he’s not reliable now. He needs to turn that around. He can start by getting rid of that nasty hitch he’s introduced into his shot.

4. And the Crystal Ball Says….: Clippers win 106-98

I think that the Clips will win a tough game by pulling away between six to three minute stretch of the fourth quarter. They’ll bury a couple key jumpers, we will have a couple crucial turnovers, and that will be that.

5. I’m Wrong If….: Boris and Tiago

Play some nasty good defense on Blake. It will also help a lot if we don’t have to play Bonner or Blair.

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