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The Wizards are terrible. Their best player is hurt. If you are a Wizards fan, and I hope you are not, I have nothing good to say, no hope to spread, no cheer to give you. Except that I think your team can beat the Spurs tonight.

1.┬áSustenance & Song: Cooper’s BBQ and Ivy’s “Edge of the Ocean”

One of my favorite things about driving to San Antonio is making a detour through Llano, Texas. For in Llano is the Holy Grail of Texas BBQ, as far as I am concerned. Cooper’s BBQ, also with branches in Mason, Fort Worth, and New Braunfels, is the best. You pick your meat straight off the grill and pay by the pound. Read that sentence again. Is there a better model for purchasing a meal in the world? I can’t vouch for the branches, but the main restaurant in Llano is the happiest place on earth. The grilled sirloin and pork ribs are especially recommended.

The song is from one of my favorite dream-pop groups from the 90s. I love the lead singer’s voice and their music is tight and together, while still maintaining that loose, dreamy feel. One of my favorite songs in this genre ever.

2. Key Match Up: Whoever Plays for the Spurs vs. Wizard Bigs

Like Toronto, the Wizards have some size. Seraphin and Nene are both bigs who play big. Vesely is a big who plays not as big, but is still 7’0″. Whomever suits up for the Spurs and starts is going to have to contend with a team that will be taller and longer at almost every position on the floor. Kind of like yesterday in Toronto.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Pop

I think the Wiz can win this game because of Pop. In the midst of a 4-in-5 series against an 0-11 team, this looks like a game where Tim could sit and maybe Tony as well, since both played big minutes yesterday. If those guys don’t play, Manu probably does and will probably start with Green and Neal in the frontcourt. Maybe. Which means the second unit will be lots of DeColo and Patty Mills, which may or may not be good, but it is always exciting.

4. Bold Prediction: A Spurs Win?

I think the Wizards can win this game and I think it will be close and a hard-fought game, whatever happens. But even the Spurs bench should be able to get off enough offense to stay in the game, right? Right?

The caveats to this are: if Blair or Splitter is in early foul trouble (Wiz win) or if all of the Big 3 do play (Spurs by 10). But to be honest, I have no idea what this game is going to look like. Not sure if anyone does.

Odds and Ends

I hate 6:00 games almost as much as I hate 12:00 games. That is all.

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