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This should be as hotly contested a game as you will find in the early season. The Spurs will be looking to avenge their horrible showing in Los Angeles, and the Clippers will be looking to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I fully expect some tempers to flare in this one. Starting with Jack and Jordan.

1.┬áSustenance & Song: Live Oak Pilz & Anna Ternheim’s ‘Bow Your Head’

Live Oak is a local Austin brewery that doesn’t bottle. You can only get their stuff in kegs so you have to either get a keg or go to a bar. Then you have to find a bar that is serving the Live Oak Pilz. The only place I know that reliably has it is Quality Seafood on Airport Blvd. An added bonus is that Quality Seafood probably has the coldest beer around.

I love just about everything Anna Ternheim does. Including her latest, ‘Bow Your Head‘.

2. Key Match Up: Manu Ginobili vs Jamal Crawford

It’s a battle of super subs and I think the one that has his game going is going to be the difference maker. Crawford has been on fire this season and has really keyed the Clips bench. Manu has been on fire for one game.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Matt Bonner vs Blake Griffin

Last year, Blake Griffin dunked on Matt on something like eight straight possessions. This year, Matt hasn’t played much. I’m hoping the newest release in the Coach B series doesn’t have Pop thinking about releasing Matt ’13.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs By 6

I think we will get a fairly early double digit lead, but not be able to put them away. I’m predicting that the Clips continuously fight back to with in 3-4 points only to have us make a couple big shots and get a couple turnovers to push the lead back to 8-10. You know, one of those games where you can never relax and are always nervous as hell.

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