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I’ll be at this game. My first of the year. Maybe seeing the team in person will help give me a better sense of what kind of team we are. Right now, I have no clue. Part of me says we aren’t very good. Part of me says we are growing into a really good team and just need Manu back.

1.  Song: Head Full Of Doubt by The Avett Brothers

“Head Full Of Doubt” pretty much sums up where I am with the team.

The Avett Brothers are fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough. My favorite song by them is probably “Perfect Space”, but the whole album of “I And Love And You” is strong. They are a piano, singer-songwriter kind of act. With a cello. They might not be for everybody, but…

2. Key Matchup: Tiago Splitter vs ???

The Hawks are horribly thin up front. In their last game against the Bucks, they played Zaza Pachulia 38 minutes and Ivan Johnson 9. That’s it. Those are their centers. Their next big “big” is Josh Smith. The Hawks bench is also weak. Only Tracy McGrady played more than 10 minutes off the bench while 3 starters played 40 minutes or more.

Tiago and Tim will need to work over the Hawks interior defense and an active DeJuan Blair will be a huge asset.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Rebounding

We got annihilated on the boards by the Hornets to the tune of 40-27. It was 11-4 on the offensive boards. We are 15th/16th in the league in rebounding percentage. While we are a solid 7th in defensive rebound percentage, we are an anemic 20th in offensive rebounding.

We need to right the ship on this front and the Hawks might be a team that we have an advantage against given their lack of bigs.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs In A Laugher

I’m going to take a flyer and say that the Hawks will come in really flat, the Spurs perimeter shooters will be on fire, and we’ll open up a big early lead. It could happen, right?


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