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My SxSW week starts late tonight. From now until next Wednesday it is going to be chaotic. I’ll still be better off than Andrew from 48MoH (who is an organizer), but I’ll probably be scarce for a while.

On the up side, we get the Knicks tonight. They are 18-20 and coming off a loss in Dallas last night. We are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Nuggets on Sunday. I expect us to be extra focused. I’m imagining that Pop got in some valuable practice and butt chewing time.

1.  Song: Rich Man by Ghostland Observatory

I first saw these guys 4 or 5 years ago at the ACL Festival. They were tremendous. This song was probably my favorite. “Rich Man” is a powerhouse of a tune.

True story. The year I saw them I had my right hand in a cast with a broken fourth metacarpal. The same bone Tony broke a couple years ago. It’s late on the last night of the show (three days, ten hours per day), Ghostland was the last band before the big headliner (who I don’t remember), and I had decided to take my niece and her friends a pizza. She said she was right in front of the stage for Ghostland. About 10 minutes before the show starts I’m pushing my way through the crowd holding a pizza above my head with my stinky, smelly cast. I worm my way to the front, dead center, and can’t find her (it turns out she was about 30 feet behind me). I hand out pizza to the people around me and wait for the show to start. I’m chatting with a couple from Wisconsin.

When the band comes out, and mind you, I knew nothing about them, it’s just two people. A guy on keyboards and a flat-chested girl (shirt largely unbuttoned) with pig-tails. It’s not until about 20 minutes into the show that I clue in on the fact that the lead singer, who had some serious moves, is a guy. After the show, I’m still talking to the couple and I tell the woman about my confusion. She says, “Dude or not. He’s still hot either way.”

Ghostland Observatory is playing one of the SxSW Interactive parties this weekend.

2. Key Match Up: Danny Green vs Jeremy Lin

I expect Pop will put the bigger Green on Lin and force Lin to beat the team by not allowing the others to get involved. Danny’s length and strength should make it really tough on Lin.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Kawhi Leonard

He was very aggressive attacking the rim against the Nuggets. Proven by his nine trips to the line. Was that a one off? Or is it something he can continue? If Kawhi can keep providing some points in the paint from his position, it will help to open up the wings just a bit more.

I’m also interested to see how he defends Carmelo Anthony. Richard will get the start and most of the minutes, but I’m sure Kawhi will get some time. Carmelo is a bigger, stronger small forward and I think he’s a good test for Kawhi.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs by 18

I think we will get hot early and run them out of the gym. I expect crisp ball movement and a flurry of open 3-pt shots. Of course, that’s what I always expect!

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One Response to Four By Vore: Knicks at Spurs

  1. kavika6 says:

    Not many 3-pt makes but darn close with the score. If not for garbage time you would have been very close. Good call!