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The good guys are kicking off an early 6-game road trip tonight with a contest against the Celtics and the perennial douche known as Kevin Garnett. Wait, did I just insult douches? I’d hate to do that. I mean douches have an honorable mission, right?  Yeah, let’s change that to “perennial ass-clown and all-around classless jerk known as Kevin Garnett”. You know why people don’t talk more about Garnett being a jerk? Because he’s on the same team with Rondo.

1. Sustenance & Song: Fish and Chips & Van Morrison’s ‘Into The Mystic’

Ah, memories of Boston back in the days I used to travel for work. I first had fish ‘n chips in Boston on a business trip at an awesome place called ‘Watch City Brewing Co’ back in ’99 (looks like it is still open). Fried fish and french fries with an amazing home brew on the side. It was positively delicious. You could get their beer to go in a jug called a growler (I believe that’s what it was called, at least). A sweet woman named Heather bought me a growler once. It’s because of her that I always think of Watch City and Van Morrison when I think of Boston. I hope she is doing well. She was changing jobs, moving to Alaska, and getting engaged last time I aw her.

For reasons I don’t understand, Boston seems to be a Van Morrison town. It isn’t even debatable that ‘Moondance’ is one of the greatest albums ever put out. I could have chosen any song off the album, but ‘Into The Mystic’ gets the call because of the movie ‘Mystic River’ which was set in Boston. I’m not necessarily sure the two (the song and the river) are related, but that’s how I connect the dots. I’m not a huge fan of a lot of Van’s stuff,  but ‘Moondance’ is something I can listen to all the time. Bonus points for the comments on this song at the link above. I’m always moved by people who want/have songs played at their funeral.

2. Key Match Up: Paul Pierce and Who?

I wouldn’t think twice about Paul Pierce’s production if Kawhi and Stephen were healthy. He’s good and he’d get his points, but they’d make him work. Without those two, containing Pierce is the key to the game.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Them Other Guys

Tony, Manu, and Tim are NOT the story. Tonight will be all about the other guys, whoever they may be, stepping up and producing. If there has been one constant to this season it is the inconsistency of the bench and I think that will be even more of the case with Stephen and Kawhi out.

We’ll need a big game from the likes of Diaw, Splitter, Green, Mills, and Neal. If you look at the box score at the end of the game and they haven’t done much, we will have lost.

4. Bold Prediction: Celtics By 3 With A Caveat

The Celtics really like to go to Pierce at the end in isolation and that is our weakness right now. If it is super-tight down the stretch, then I don’t like our chances of stopping them. That said, the Celtics are coming off a long, tough road trip and they might be tired. Watch for a third quarter run by the Spurs if it is a tight game at the half. We just might wear them down and drop the hammer on them.


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One Response to Four By Vore: Spurs At Celtics

  1. Rip Wiley says:

    Boston and Van: It’s an Irish thing.
    True about the scrub-punching KG though…