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If we play against the Grizzlies the same way we played the last four games, then we will get a severe beat down. Will we get things turned around? Or will we continue to struggle? I have the answer after the jump.

1. Sustenance & Song: Beef Tenderloin Roast & Love Is Rare

Just before xmas I made a prime rib with a tasty crust. I was a bit disappointed in the prime rim because the fat layer on the roast kept the flavor of the crust from permeating the meat. Well, on xmas day I got a bit of a do over. I made a beef tenderloin roast with the same crust. I had a 5 lb beef tenderloin tied into about a 3″-4″ think roast (it’s about a $140 piece of meat). I made a horseradish, garlic and butter mix and spread it all over the roast and then baked it for about 2 hours to an immaculate medium rare. Damn that sucker was good.

Speaking of good, I love the bass line at the beginning of Morcheeba’s “Love Is Rare“. The song reminds me a bit of the old Parliament stuff. A nice funky-hard beat. Enjoy!

2. Key Match Up: Tony Parker vs Mike Conley

Mike Conley destroyed Tony two years ago in the playoffs and I haven’t forgotten about it. Conley played tenacious physical defense and stepped up (or really stepped back) and hit every big shot his team needed. Tony needs to win this battle tonight.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Turnovers To Fast Break Points

We’ve been turning the ball over a lot and the Grizzlies are a really good physical defensive team. If they can force turnovers and turn them into easy points, then we will get our butts handed to us. The Grizz aren’t an offensive powerhouse and those easy points will be the difference in the game.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs By 6

I think the team will come out with a renewed sense of purpose. In fact, I think this will be a turning point game in our season. We will move the ball a lot early, make mistakes, and get frustrated. Then, we will overcome and start to make plays — probably thanks to Kawhi — and build momentum into the fourth where we will pull away just a little and coast to a six point win. We’ll look back at this game as a moment that the team turned the corner.

OR, we will continue our slide and lose by 20.

Odds and Ends

I’m heading to San Antonio today and I’ll be making spaghetti and meatballs with handmade pasta with a bunch of kids. It should be a blast. And a mess. I’ll report back on the proceedings in the preview for Sunday’s game.

Our refs tonight are Dan Crawford, David Guthrie, and Haywoode Workman. Best crew we’ve had all season. They are a regular season A+.

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