Wayne Vore

Here we are on a nasty back to back. We have a pretty tough game against the Warriors and then we head East for an early start game. We are facing a tired and injured and struggling Hawks team. This should be an all-out ugly affair.

1. Sustenance & Song: Lobster Tails & Dirty Bass

We hit Eddie V’s last night for dinner. I have to say that I was underwhelmed. The wife had a grilled mix platter of lobster tail, sea scallops, and shrimp. The lobster tail was pretty good, but for a $64 plate I don’t think the rest was up to snuff. I’m giving them the overrated. The curry calamari for happy hour appetizer was a strong performer though.

I was just introduced to Far East Movement today and something called Dirty Bass. It’s kind of interesting. I’m not sure I could do it regularly, but it will certainly have its moments. Here are two songs. The first, Turn Up The Love, I really like except when the woman is singing. The next, Dirty Bass, is a great background track to me.

2. Key Match Up: Hell If I Know

The Hawks are starting Josh Smith at the PF and Teague and Harris in the back court. Who matches up with Smith? Who gets Teague and who gets Harris for the Spurs? Do we put our best defender, Kawhi, on a spot up shooter like Korver? For the Hawks, who do they put on Tim? It’s all a mess.

3. Keeping An Eye On: The Benches

While our bench has been struggling, the Hawks bench has been decimated by injuries. Lou Williams is done for the year and Stephenson and Horford missed the last game. It also looked to me like Gary Neal isn’t quite right and was getting iced a lot during the game last night.

With both teams coming off a back to back, I think the benches will make the difference.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs By 12

I think our bench will put a hurting on the Hawks to start the 4th and turn an ugly, tight affair into a coaster. I think we win 92-80.


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