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It’s the season opener tonight which means it is time to do a blog post again. Woot!

I’m very excited to get this season. Mostly so I can start watching the games instead of listening to them on the radio. I love Bill Schoening, but I’d rather see the action. Without further ado, your Four By Vore.

1.  Song and Food:  Gold On The Ceiling and Octopus and Pork Belly skewers

(I’m adding a food and drink section to my template this year.)

Tonight’s game is an appetizer. It’s tomorrow night’s game against the Thunder that everybody wants to see. Therefore, I’m going with a delicious appetizer Tim Varner and I had last month at Fino. Fino is an amazing place in Austin near Lamar and 29th that has impeccable food in an impeccably designed restaurant. The grilled Octopus and grilled Pork Belly skewer with an aioli sauce is positively amazing. Pork Belly usually is.

I’m going with “Gold On The Ceiling” by the Black Keys for tonight’s game. It has an anthem sound which is needed for a season opener. (NOTE: I think this studio version is neutered a bit. The live version from a Letterman show has much better vocals IMO. I heard their performance at ACL Festival was fantastic.) “They wanna get my…”

2. Key Match Up: Tim Duncan vs Anthony Davis

As much as this will be the focus of the pre-game discussion, these guys will probably face each other very little and neither will probably have big games. Davis is a raw rookie and Tim isn’t the focus of the Spurs offense any more. That said, I think we’ll see Tim school the youngster a few times with his mechanics and his effort. We’ll also see Davis show us a glimpse of the future as he will be a devastating defender in this league with his mobility.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green

How much progress have they made? The development of Kawhi and Danny are the two biggest ways the Spurs will improve over last year. Let’s see what they can do.

Can Kawhi add to his offense? Can he create a little for others? Can he hit the mid-range shots? Can he shut down an offense and be disruptive, the way Tony Allen can be disruptive?

Can Danny be more than a streaky 3-pt shooter on offense? Can he create off the dribble? Can he not air ball layups and floaters? Can he be disruptive on defense?

Between Kawhi and Danny, they have the talent and the tools to really create havoc on the perimeter. They need to take that next step. On the defensive end.

4. Bold Prediction: Closer than you think

The Hornets will be motivated and Monty Williams does a great job getting his guys to play hard and to execute. Pop will have the Spurs treating it like another game and he will go very deep in his rotation. Expect the Hornets to keep it fairly close until the fourth when the Spurs will come back with their top line up and execute the Hornets to death.

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