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If you missed it, Bart put forth his theory on why the team is struggling right now. He called it the “Master Plan Revealed“. Unfortunately for Pop, Vinny Del Negro is out-Popping Pop.

Tonight we head into Dallas minus Coach Pop and Tim Duncan. It should be interesting. Well, as interesting as any match up with the woeful Mavericks can be this year.

On the one side, the Mavericks come into the game as winners of five of their last six and coming off four days rest. On the other other side, um, well they don’t seem to have much of an other side right now. Even their one loss was a tight game against the Thunder. This will be a really tough one for us without Tim.

1.┬áSustenance & Song: Pork Chops & Supreme Beings Of Leisure’s “Strangelove Addiction”

I picked up a couple thick-cut pork chops the other day at Whole Foods thinking I’d dig up a recipe on the web to prepare them. I found a good recipe that called for a tomatillo and granny smith sauce with a cumin and coriander marinade. Last night, when I went to start cooking, I realized that I hadn’t picked up the tomatillos that were on my list. Typical. So I had to go renegade. I added a big dose of ancho chile powder to the marinade — 3 T cumin, 3 T coriander, 2 T salt, 1.5 T black pepper, and 2 T ancho chile powder mixed with 3 T olive oil — and seared those fat dudes in a skillet and finished them in the oven. When the chops were done, I sauteed shallot in the pan and then seared my blanched asparagus in the the shallot and marinade mixture. Mmmmmm, that was a great juicy and tasty pork chop.

I hit Half Price Books this weekend and scored HUGE. I picked up a handful of wonderful cds. One of my favorites is the ‘Supreme Beings Of Leisure’. I really dig several of the songs — Never The Same, Golddigger, and Under The Gun — but when “Strangelove Addiction” kicks in with this killer intro, well, I’m in a good mood.

2. Key Match Up: Tiago Splitter vs Kaman/Brand/Nowitzki

It will be really interesting to see which of their bigs that the Mavs want to have defending the pick and roll so far from the basket. Tiago is so damn mobile that all the Mavs bigs will have a hard time recovering to him. Look for Tiago’s dives to really have an effect on this game. Tiago will either have a field day or we will go bombs away from the outside. I don’t think the Mavs have the personnel in the middle to defend us very well.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Our Defense

We were positively awful in the first half of the Hornets game and then positively awesome in the second half. After giving up 64 points in the first half, we held them to 25 points over the next 22+ minutes. The Mavs have been wining because they have been scoring. They’ve put up 104 or more in each of their last six games. We will always have a hard time defending the paint without Duncan and we’ll have to have a great team effort. And lately, our team effort has been spotty.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs By 4

This game will come down to us hitting our 3-pt shots. I don’t think we’ll be able to grind out a game on the road without Tim if we aren’t hitting our 3 balls. I say we go 8 for 20 and sneak out with a tough win.

Odds and Ends

I went to check our refs for tonight and got this message

Unable to get connection, DataSource invalid: “Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory”

I love when tech errors get presented to the public. It makes me realize that I’m not the only dumb ass who does these things.

Wednesday’s refs of Mauer, Guthrie, and Cutler were abominable. They made so many terrible calls I lost track. You know it’s bad when a homer fan like me is thinking that the Hornets are getting screwed. I had no idea what they were going to call a foul. You couldn’t wave at a player in the first half without picking up a foul. In the second half, it was damn near anything goes. Just brutal to watch.


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