Wayne Vore

Home is just around the bend. One game and then our guys get to spend a good week with the family. Bliss!

1. Song: Bliss by Syntax

Sometimes you hear a band and think to yourself “where have they been all my life?” That’s what I think of Syntax. This album came out in 2004. I became aware of it about a year ago. For me, they kick ass.

I love the vocals and the cool beat in ‘Bliss‘. I like the change of pace and I like the way it feels like it is always building.

‘Bliss’ is my second favorite song. Also check out ‘Pride‘.

2. Key Match Up: Tiago Splitter vs Kenneth Faried

Faried didn’t do squat in the first game against us. Now, we are starting Tiago who is a crazy smart dude that destroys guys who don’t pay attention to detail. I think how this match up goes will tell us how the game is going. If Tiago is having his way, then we are running our offense and getting good shots. If Faried is going crazy, then it has turned into a running street game. We can’t do the latter.

3. Keeping An Eye On: Our Ball Movement

We stopped running our offense against the Thunder in the third quarter. When we stopped, it exposed our tired legs. We didn’t have the energy to beat guys one on one. This will be extra true tonight. If the Nuggets can get stops and create turnovers, then they give us a hard time. If we take care of the ball, continue to move the ball and trust each other, then we can score a LOT against them.

4. Bold Prediction: Spurs by 8

I think we get out to an early lead, something like 12-14 points, and ride out the storm against the Nuggets by using a lot of bench.

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