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The Spurs squeaked one out against a predictably feisty Hornets team. The team looked really off last night to me and can’t be all that pleased with themselves. But, as Coach Chad Forcier says, all road wins are good road wins.

1.  Song and Food: Cold Sweat by The Sugarcubes and Chicken Noodle Soup

I’m under the weather today and the cold sweats are here and chicken noodle soup sounds really good. I usually get my chicken noodle soup at Whole Foods. Which is NOT an interesting piece of information.

“Cold Sweat” by The Sugarcubes is interesting. This is back from when MTV actually showed videos and Bjork was smoking. What a sexy young thing she was back then. Mmmm. This song still smokes today and kind of reminds me of how I feel all at the same time.

2. Key Match Up: All of Them

Kawhi vs Durant.

Tony vs Westbrook.

Martin vs Manu (oh wait, Manu isn’t playing).

Tim vs Perkins and Ibaka

There are too many match ups, but Kawhi and Durant is the marquee one for me.

3. Keeping An Eye On: 3-pt shooting

Kawhi was the only guy who could hit 3s last night as the Spurs shot 30%. Being the friendly confines of the AT&T Center, I expect that number to climb a bit. The Spurs need to hit the 3-ball against the better teams.

4. Bold Prediction: NONE

I’m making no prediction. I reasonably expect a blow out either way or anything in between.

Odds and Ends

Key to Hornets game was Kawhi’s play in the third and Pop switching up his rotation in the second half. Kawhi just owned the third quarter and carried the team for the quarter. It was very impressive.

I think, however, that Pop going with Patty Mills and a small ball lineup instead of bringing Matt Bonner in (Matt sat the entire second half) was the difference. The second unit with Patty at the point, instead of Gary Neal, made plays and got easy baskets and they ran the floor very well. In short, they played MUCH faster. It’s critical and something to keep an eye on.

I was also really pleased with Captain Jack’s play on offense creating shots for other people.  The more guys who can get the Spurs easy buckets the better.

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