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I’m over caffeinated and staring at a brand new, giant HD television. I think that calls for a live diary. It should be fun.

Pre-Game Show

Andrew Monaco’s opening proclaims the Spurs doing well despite a brutal schedule. Um, no. We’ve played a bunch of sucky teams. The fact that they are on the road doesn’t make it brutal. I guess Saturday’s Sixers’ game is a must win.

Ric Renner’s hair is made for HD. I think he needs a little more hair gelly though.

Pre-Game Bill & Sean

I usually keep them muted. Bill is great, but I think Sean is low-value-added. He’s a great homer and somewhat entertaining, but I don’t think he often really knows what he is talking about with the other team. I think he mostly just talks out his ass.

I also hate commercials. Another reason to keep it muted. BUT, and this is a big but, I do want to hear the HEB commercials. FWIW, to those outside of South Texas, HEB is a beloved brand. Truly remarkable for a chain store. I don’t mean that I like them, but when they do marketing studies on brands, HEB comes in with the same level of favorability rating as the Spurs. Think about that.

That was a very cool graphic feature. They removed players from the court, and then added them back in, to make a point about player spacing. That could be great down the road.

Who does Kawhi cover in this game? Lillard and McCollum are their top scorers and Aminu can’t score in a sorority house of passed out girls. Does Pop give Kawhi the night off defensively?

Game — Q1

Kawhi starts on Aminu. Kawhi starts with a jumper. Easy peasy.

Half-hearted boos from the Blazers’ fans. Even Sean caught that.

Meyers Leonard has the bad Russian look with the bad porn-stache.

THAT didn’t last long. Pop moves Kawhi onto Lillard at the first time out. Oops. Must have caught him on a switch. Now, Kawhi is on McCollum. Kawhi should bludgeon the Blazers. Pop NEEDS to get Kawhi on Lillard. He’s going to kill us. Again.

Lillard and McCollum are already winded. Spurs will try to run them to death. A fast and furious pace. I wonder how much more exhausting it is to play hard, and run, on defense and in a crouch than it is to just get up and down the court? Because I think the Spurs run teams down with their frenetic pace within the half court.

Ed Davis looks like a miniature DeAndre Jordan. It’s the hair, the jump left-handedness. Probably can’t shoot free throws either.

Game — Q2

Well, the Spurs are struggling on the glass with the second unit. They need someone putting a body on Davis and then some gang rebounding. We’ll see. But Manu looks really spry right now. Everything in rhythm. He still destroys poor defenders.

Danny with the FINGER ROLLLLLLL!!!!! Ed Davis absolutely mugged David West earlier on the possession. But no whistle. Davis basically wrapped him up. Crazy. Spurs are putting in some good hustle. Pop has to be happy with that aspect of the team so far. A coach always has to be happy when his team is busting their ass.

I like how Kawhi is attacking the rim. Very good pattern to see. And, of course, good pattern of making his free throws. Similarly, I’d like to see Rasual Butler pulli\ng the trigger more and not pump-faking as much.

Overall, I think the officiating has been pretty weak. They have missed a lot of calls. Most of them, at least, have been non-calls. As of right now, I’d say the Spurs have slightly benefited from the calls. I expect that to change around. This is all apropos of the impending five-point play following the foul and technical on Danny Green’s three-pointer. That was one of the weakest techs I’ve seen on a coach. Unless, of course, he called him a cocksucker as he ran down the sideline (Bull Durham reference). I’ve never been a huge fan of Tony Brothers, but he’s decent. I don’t know the other two very well, but I think they are both young-ish. I looked them up. J.T. Orr and James Williams. They are both relatively inexperienced — a few years — and undistinguished. I don’t know them as sucking so that is something in and of itself.

Boban isn’t in uniform. Kyle Anderson is still sitting the bench. I think Rasual Butler has officially passed Kyle on the depth chart. Keep an eye on it. It will be good.

Tim Duncan has to be the best weak link on a team in the league. I love that man and I love his game. Tim is tearing it up. I can’t even keep track of his points. It’s like a million or something.

Halftime 58-46 Spurs

All three starters in the front court are in double figures for the Spurs. 11, 11, and 10. The Spurs’ team strength is in the front court as well as in the block. They are going to kill teams there. This will not be a trend season. It will be a fact this season. The Spurs have four absolute beasts in the low block — Aldridge, Duncan, Diaw, and Kawhi — and they will ride it all season.

Game — Q3

We start with a Danny Green switch-hands-in-mid-air-left-hand-driving-flip. He missed. ::sigh:: Nothing like those kind of low percentage shots. That will get us a quick run by the Blazers. And a quick time out from Pop if it happens. Let’s see what transgresses because I feel a transgression coming. :)

There is the Pop time out. Tony misses a baseline floater that leads to an Aminu fast break dunk. One of the issues are offense is facing right now. Wait. Two issues the offense is facing. One, Tony isn’t doing Tony Parker of old things. He’s just not that dangerous with the ball. Two, Aldridge isn’t making confident decisions. He’s hesitating with his shot. I think both LaMarcus and Tony need to be aggressive. Aggressive to a fault. Be TOO aggressive and then move back to where you need to be. Always, always be too aggressive and then come back to the norm.

This is the ugly part of this team. Discombobulated. Lackadaisical. Sloppy. Tie game. ::sigh:: ::sigh:: ::sigh::

Really weird looking injury to Meyers Leonard. I’m guessing dislocated shoulder. Which hurts. And sucks.

Aldridge is something else. He gets rolling. He’s unstoppable.

These NFL commercials are stupid. Morons in panchos yelling at me. My Bills. My Jets. Blah, blah, blah. Who gives a shit? Btw, I think football will slowly die a painful death. It’s a wicked dangerous and unhealthy sport for kids. As kids don’t play, the game will die. Good riddance.

Spurs up 6 going into Q4. Boris didn’t see any time in Q3, which is an interesting decision by Pop as he went with David West instead as the only big in some rare small ball.

AT&T’s reliability commercial is ridiculous. Not in a good way. I still haven’t seen an HEB commercial this game.

Game — Q4

I’d really like to see the Spurs tighten up the defense here in Q4.

I don’t like this continuous small ball. We are playing to their strength and we have no low post presence. We don’t even have Kawhi in to be the small ball four in the block and to rebound. We are flirting with disaster here by letting them stay close.

Credit to Plumlee. Perfectly clean play on the Kawhi dunk. He didn’t even bring his arm down or anything. Kawhi and Tim laughing. That’s good. How the hell did Meyers Leonard dislocate his shoulder on that play. So bizarre.

Kawhi’s dunk was filthy. Just filthy nasty. But, I was too scared to enjoy it. Christ that was something. Spurs have opened it back up to 10. LaMarcus and Kawhi are scoring, but the Spurs are playing big with Diaw in also. Makes all the difference in the world.

Susie is a tour guide like I’m a school teacher and George is a butcher like I’m a hooker.

Absolutely amazing recognition by the team on a possession. Boris was on the perimeter with a small guy on him. LaMarcus vacated the block immediately and let Boris back his man down. It was quick, smooth, and effective. No chance for a double team.

The Spurs bigs were called for a holding foul on a defensive rebound when they had a 4-on-1 rebound advantage against a guard. They held the guard. ::sigh::

Note that Tim has not played in the fourth quarter yet. That’s a good way for Tim to get some rest. With the Blazers playing without Meyers Leonard, and playing small, it makes sense. Keeps LaMarcus in the game with Boris. Good things happening with that pair.

Now we see Kawhi on Lillard. Lillard had Kawhi on the other end and I sure would like to see them go to Kawhi in that situation.

Great block by Aldridge to end the game. Lillard just isn’t going to score on Kawhi this late in a game that he’s been working that hard. Very solid finish for the good guys. Until next time…

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