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Riffing off of Bart’s crystal ball preview, I thought I’d try the Magic 8 Ball preview. I’m sure you remember the Magic 8 Ball. It was originally marketed as the Syco-Seer. Shocking that IT didn’t take off, no?

It Is Certain

Q: Will Danny Green rebound from a very poor game against Portland?  I think a combination of being comfortable at home, Danny’s usual disgust at playing poorly, and the reliance of focusing on the Spurs’ pre-game routine will get Danny back on track. I expect big numbers.

It Is Decidedly So

Q: Are the Spurs thrilled to be home? Duh, yeah. Even if only for a game, it helps to sleep in your own bed.

Without A Doubt

Q: Will Tiago get more and more minutes? He’s the only big producing

Yes — Definitely

Q: Is Tony and Rondo the match up to watch? Each is the engine for his team. Rondo’s scoring and Tony’s assists are the things to watch. If Tony is racking up assists, then it’s a Spurs game. If Rondo is filling it up, well, things aren’t good for the Spurs.

You May Rely On It

Q: Will the Spurs push the pace? The Celtics have a very thin bench. Expect Pop to exhort the team to push the ball on each and every possession.

As I See It, Yes

Q: Is Garnett a jerk? There are some people that love him. I’ve never met one that I liked.

Most Likely

Q: Will the Spurs win?  Yes, we are coming off a long road trip, but the Celtics played last night in Houston — Rondo went 40+ minutes — and they played double OT on Wednesday.

Outlook Good

Q: Will Patty good some good PT tonight? Patty, or Patrick, has been on fire of late. He’s shooting 60% on 3s this month and 63% from the field. I expect Pop to give him a few extra minutes tonight.


Q: Is Tim great? Easy!

Signs Point To Yes

Q: You’ve been down on Manu, will he start to turn it around tonight? Manu seems to always kick it into gear when I finally give up on him. It’s like some psychic force in the universe that binds us. My exasperation somehow fuels his desperation.

Reply Hazy, Try Again

Q: How about some PT for Nando? I really got the feeling from the last two games that Pop is frustrated with Nando’s attention to details. He blew a couple defensive assignments and got the quick hook. I’m taking a wild stab on this one, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Ask Again Later

Q: Is the team’s confidence shaken after these two losses? I’d like to seem them play one or two more games against some tough teams before committing. We’ll get to see those games in the next three.

Better Not Tell You Now

Q: What do you think about this upcoming road trip? I think it could be bad so I won’t say anything.

Cannot Predict Now

Q: Will Matt Bonner light up KG again? It seems unlikely that he would do it again, but I wouldn’t be surprised. If you remember, DeJuan had his first really good game as a rookie against the Celtics.

Concentrate And Ask Again

Q: Will Pop rest anybody? Because you aren’t thinking right if you think Pop is giving away this game while on a two game losing streak.

Don’t Count On It

Q: Will we contain the Celtics mid-range game? We never have. They seem to get any shot they want in the 15′-18′ range. I don’t think tonight will be different.

My Reply Is No

Q: Can Danny Green contain Paul Pierce? I expect Pierce to do a lot of damage catching the ball in the free throw line area. It’s a hard place to double and he’s big and strong enough t keep from being pushed out of that space.

My Sources Say No

Q: Will Jack or Kawhi play? Jeff McDonald has them listed as out in his game preview. That’s good enough for me.

Outlook Not So Good

Q: Can the Celtics contain the Spurs 3-pt shooters? The Celtics don’t have the bodies inside to contain both Tim and Tiago. Especially not with KG playing limited minutes right now. Their lack of size will force them to really pack the paint and that is a recipe for disaster against the Spurs. Count us for 10-12 made 3s.

Very Doubtful

Q: Will this be a well called game? Rodney Mott, who I abhor, is the lead official. He was one of the two bum officials in our game 6 loss in OKC. When you consider that Rondo, Garnett, and Pierce will try to ugly it up and flop about — and really, it’s the only way they stay competitive in this one is if it is ugly — then you can expect a bunch of crazy bad calls as the refs first lose control and then try to regain control. I expect no less than 3 technicals.

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