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I went to the Mavericks game last night with bones, an old PtR guy who was in from Ohio. I met him in downtown SA at The Friendly Spot Ice House. He had a tag along. A fellow named Chris who came down from Ohio with him. Chris had never been to a professional basketball game.

Chris, who is roughly my age, works music venues, attends professional football games and hockey games. He was interested in the Spurs and the game, but was almost more interested in the arena and how the sport was presented to the fans. Coincidentally enough, it was the first time in the revamped AT&T Center for both bones and me.

After a couple of icy cold ones at The Friendly Spot, (Note: it’s a kind of queer name, but it makes it very easy to meet people. “Let’s meet at The Friendly Spot”. People remember that.) we headed to the arena. We entered through the new Rock & Brews bar area. Which, to my surprise, has been remodeled quite a bit from the old Bud Light Courtyard days. The concourse is much brighter and comfortable now.

Bones wanted to make his necessary stop to see the championship trophies, so we headed to the main entrance on the other side. When we got there, no trophies were to be found. Bones asked some random working guy who said, “West wall” and pointed for us to continue walking the way we were headed. Once we got back to the Rock & Brews, we found them. Right there.

For what it is worth, the presentation of the trophies is very nice now. Well worth the stop. There are a bunch of great, old photos and other memorabilia. The Spurs organization definitely stepped up their game on that one.

Onto our seats!

And nice seats they are. FAR, FAR more comfortable than the old ones. We are talking Mazda3 vs Benz sedan type difference. The people around us, we had three separate tickets kind of near each other, were all season ticket holders and we were in the “extra seats that got created when they remodeled”. In short, the season ticket holders know the exact three seats that are extra tickets and picked us out as soon as we sat down. They were all tremendously friendly. Although, I did get accused of being a Mavericks fan in a Kawhi Leonard jersey. I redeemed myself by talking badly of lead official John Goble, who “always sucks”. :)

Additionally, the new scoreboard, tower, lighthouse thing in the middle is great. No more of that cheap, nasty grainy video. The intro video is pretty good. The thing that really got me going, and that I think is so completely awesome, is Manu screaming and shaking his head. It’s just so Spurs.

Game time!

In the end, though, the game still looks the same on the court. Guys run up and down with a ball shooting at the basket. In this one, it was shooting at, and not in. What an atrocious first quarter!

Our Spurs are a nightmare of an opponent. We just destroyed the number five seed in the West by 29. And, quite frankly, I didn’t feel like we played all that great. Neither did bones. We just kept doing our thing. Run our sets on offense and pound it inside. Work hard on defense and give up as few good looks as possible.

The lead slowly grew. It just kept on keeping on. Our guys are relentless. For the opponent, it’s like bailing water with a thimble. They keep trying, but there really seems to be no point. The boat keeps filling further up with water. Then the game ends.

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