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Wednesday’s win against the Orlando Magic was eerily similar to Monday night’s win against the Wizards. The Magic game was another CBA sweep (for good fun read the other rules) for the good guys where they had a 14 point lead at the half (it was 12 against the Wiz) and cruised onto a 20+ point victory. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

As Andrew pointed out in his recap at 48MoH, the Spurs seemed to get what they wanted on both ends. Andrew always makes all the good observations, which is why I always try to write before he does, so there really isn’t much point to continuing. But, I will.

Song of the Game: ‘She Cries Your Name’ by Beth Orton

I just saw that Beth Orton has a new album out this year so I couldn’t help but bring up something from my girl’s past. I positively love her and ‘She Cries Your Name‘ is wonderful. I really don’t have much else to say. I find Beth’s quirkiness to be irresistibly cute.

Play of the Game: Manu’s Fourth 3-Ptr To End Q1

The Spurs had an out of bounds play at the end of Q1 where they needed to get a quick shot to set up a 2-for-1 possession to end the quarter. It was a really simple play and not what I’d call a quality look, but they didn’t need a quality look. Because you don’t need a quality look when the man you want shooting it is on fire.

Out of their normal base line set, Danny Green caught the ball on the wing and hit Manu curling off a screen at the top of the circle. Manu just pulled up and let it go. Twine time. Spurs had pushed the lead to 11 and the game pretty much stayed there.

Trending Up: Everybody Who Matters

Everybody is playing pretty well right now. In particular, I think, Tiago and Boris have really started to assert themselves with several aspects of their game. Scoring, rebounding, and passing. Both guys are stuffing the stat sheet and the ball movement they provide from their post position really facilitates the offense.

Cory Joseph even looked pretty good.

Trending Down: Nando’s Shot and James Anderson

Nando looks like he is trying to get his shot down. He had a couple of really wide open and easy look against the Magic and missed badly. All the other parts of his game — including his defense, surprisingly — have been really solid. I think he gets a solid place in the rotation if he can start knocking down shots. Wings and guards will get no playing time with this club if they can be ignored on the perimeter by the defense.

Stat of the Game: 44% 3-pt Shooting, 6-9 3-pt for Manu

The Spurs are 24-48 from 3-pt the last two games and Manu is 8-12. Those came against weakling defensive teams, but you do have to knock down shots and knocking them down on the road is always tougher.

Random Thought:

Our rebounding really was the only negative against the Magic. Another 18 offensive rebounds allowed while getting beat by 7 on the glass. That’s going to bite and bite hard when it does.

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