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I suppose you might be a person that would look at Sunday afternoon’s double overtime contest against the Raptors and see a great game. I suppose you might be a person who enjoys haggis. A cooked stomach stuffed with organs is about as good a description as you’ll find for this game. Sure you can say you’ve tried it, but would you really want to eat it again? No? That’s how I feel about the Spurs-Raptors game.


Song of the Game: Across The Nile by Amy MacDonald

I don’t love everything by Amy McDonald, but I always love her voice. She has fantastic range and a wonderful timbre that really catches me. Each and every time. In this song, some of the really high stuff bugs me — sounds like she is trying to be a xylophone — but the parts where she sings a little lower are gorgeous. ‘Across The Nile‘ is off of her latest album.

You can also check out ‘Love, Love‘ for something else I like from her. This live track also gives you the benefit of hearing her speak and then it makes you wonder where the hell her beautiful voice comes from.

Play of the Game: Tim Misses A Dunk

Danny Green opened the second overtime with a 3-ptr. The Raptors responded by missing a couple shots. Then the Spurs went to Tim Duncan in the down side block. Tim made a great up-and-under move and went in for the clean dunk. And missed it. Powerfully. That was just how this game went. In one play. Neither team could handle success. Give them a lead and they’d make a fistful of errors.

Trending Up: Tim, Tony, and Manu

Manu isn’t shooting great, but he is being very productive attacking the rim and it yesterday’s game he managed 5 assists with no turnovers.

Tony has caught fire lately and is being aggressive. Very aggressive. He plopped in 32 against the Raptors.

Tim contributed his 26 though he wasn’t very good on the boards for a change.

We aren’t getting any consistent contributions from our other guys, but if the big 3 play well we will always have a chance.

Trending Down: Rebounding and 3-Pt Shooting

It would be incorrect, or rather in accurate, to say the Raptors bludgeoned us on the boards 61-52 with 17 offensive rebounds to our 7. Ed Davis bludgeoned us on the boards. Ed had 14 total rebounds and 8 offensive in 22 minutes.

We are really struggling on the glass right now, with the exception of the Celtics game and they are just the worst, and it will start to bite us pretty soon. Especially if we don’t…

…start making our 3-pt shots. We are now shooting 35.4% from 3-pt on the season. Here are some bleak numbers for you: Tony 35.3%. Manu 25.5%. Kawhi 34.6%. Jack 28.6%. Green 39.2%. Those last four guys are leading the team in attempts from 3-pt.

Stat of the Game: Bargnani 2-19

Bargnani had a Kenyon Martin level game yesterday. We played some pretty good defense against him, but he couldn’t throw it in the ocean. He even missed his only free throw.

Random Thought:

The refs were absolutely brutal in this game. Straight up incompetence. In a lot of games, both teams complaining means that the refs are making tough, but good, calls. Not in this one. This was both teams scratching their heads and laughing. Like, “Really? You’re calling THAT after everything else that hasn’t been called? Seriously?” Both Richardsons, Leroy and Derek, were stunningly bad.


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One Response to Spurs at Raptors Recap: Some Wins Are Best Forgotten

  1. Blaze says:

    yes, very bad officiating.