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The sprint known as the condensed NBA season ended in Oakland for the Spurs last night with a 107-101 win. Now, we get ready for the beginning of the playoffs.

The victory over the Warriors was much like the win over the Suns the previous night. No big three, no Pop, some really sloppy basketball, and lots of Patrick Mills.

In addition to the big 3, we also played without Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson. Both guys were dressed but never saw the floor.

Song of the Game: The Golden Age by Beck

I haven’t done a Beck song yet this year, so here it is. I think he’s fantastic. He really does a fantastic job of changing his sound from album to album. If you give him anything, you have to give it to him for not taking one sound and making a career of it.

Much like our Spurs, he adapts as he gets older. We, as Spurs fans, are clearly living in “The Golden Age“. For me, this is a sad, yet very beautiful song.

Play of the Game: Spurs Last Possession

The entire fourth quarter was closely fought and the game was tied when the teams hit the under 6:00 tv time out. Coming out of the time out Patrick Mills buried a 3, we got a stop, then he buried another 3, and Marc Jackson called a time out. We then swapped baskets until just under 2:00 when Chris Wright made a layup and got fouled. With a chance to cut the lead to 3, he missed the free throw.

Nursing a four point lead, the Spurs never let the Warriors get the ball back. They ran the shot clock down and Cory Joseph missed a 3. James Anderson came out of the pile with the rebound and kicked it out. They ran the shot clock down again and Derrick Byars missed a corner 3 with just under 1:00. Derrick crashed the boards and came up with his miss. Again we ran the shot clock down. This time Cory Joseph missed a wing 2-pt jumper. Derrick Byars again came up with the ball. After running the shot clock down for a fourth time, Patrick Mills drained a mid-range jumper to put the Spurs up 6 with 14 seconds left.

The Spurs held the ball for 1:33 to seal the game.

Trending Up: San Antonio Spurs at 50-16

It’s great that we won this game considering who we played. No Tim, Manu, Tony, Kawhi or Jackson. Coach Bud obviously had orders from on high to only give Danny and Tiago limited minutes. Neither played in the second half and neither played as many as 8 minutes.

Matt Bonner only got 13 minutes. I was glad to see Matt hit his last 3 ball. I had jokingly said he was in playoff form in the Suns game. I said it again in this game. He missed his first two shots very badly.

Boris only played 20 minutes and never got back on the court after his initial run in the second half. He still managed 7 rebounds and 4 assists while not missing a shot. He has now hit eight straight 3-pt shots for us.

The rest of the minutes went to Patrick Mills (43), James Anderson (40), DeJuan Blair (39), Cory Joseph (38), and Derrick Byars (33).

Patrick isn’t shy about shooting. I’ll say that for him. He got up 25 in this one. He hit 14 of them, was 4-10 from 3-pt land, and dished 12 assists. He was the man for us all night long.

James Anderson looked poor until he hit a little rhythm in the third quarter when he scored our first 9 points of the quarter and ended with 14 in the frame.

Not much else to say about this game, except…

Trending Down: Golden State Warriors at 23-43

…man the Warriors are tanking. They started five rookies and played a seven man rotation. Then, on top of that, their two rookies that were playing well — Klay Thompson and Charles Jenkins — got benched for the fourth quarter.

Stat of the Game: 9-31 3-Pt Shooting

We hit five of our first six 3s in this one. We came out ON FIRE. Then nothing but ice until Patrick made back-to-back 3s with 5:00 to go in the fourth quarter. In that cold spell, we went 2-20. Matt Bonner and James Anderson made their 3s in the third quarter. At one point, I had counted 12 straight missed 3s.

Derrick Byars was 0-6. No, he wasn’t playing for the Warriors. He was on our team.

Random Thought:

I didn’t recap the Suns game. As it turns out, the Warriors game was identical. No big three, back and forth game, tight Spurs win, lots of Patrick Mills. Patrick set a career high each night. He put in 60 for the two nights.

If the Spurs were saving their playoff rotation guys by limiting their minutes — Tiago, Matt, and Danny all played very few minutes — then you have to look at DeJuan’s 39 minutes with a raised eyebrow. Is he out of the playoff rotation already?

Despite playing a horribly short lineup in the second half against their horribly tall line up, we managed to drub them on the boards 54-42 with 19 offensive rebounds.

That is all I have for this one. I don’t want to jump into playoff analysis and prognosticating. Enjoy your two days off until we tip at noon on Sunday.

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