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The Spurs thumped the Wizards with a CBA sweep on their way to a very comfortable 118-92 win. For those who don’t know, the CBA ran their standings on a point system. Three points for winning the game and 1 point for each quarter you won. Thus, you could get 7 total points in a game. It’s an interesting concept that forced teams to play each quarter like it mattered. Because, you know, it mattered.

The Spurs drew another poor set of refs for this one. Not surprisingly, the refs were poor. It just didn’t matter at all to the outcome of the game.

The Wizards are brutally bad. They shipped out a bunch of bad apples over the last year, which is good. However, the didn’t replace it with much talent. They don’t seem to have a game plan with what they run on the court so I really don’t see them getting much better throughout the year. Sucks to be a Wizards fan. I suggest they temporarily adopt the Bobcats or the Hornets.

Song of the Game:’Fiddlers Green’ by The Tragically Hip

I got the pleasure of seeing these guys at Stubb’s BBQ a dozen or so years ago. I went with a bunch of Canadians I worked with who couldn’t believe The Hip were playing in such a small venue. The Hip were wonderful.

This song, Fiddlers Green, is wonderfully sad and beautiful.

Play of the Game: Nando De Colo and Boris Diaw Fast Break

Boris gave the ball up at the 3-pt line to Nando as Nando crossed the free throw line attacking the rim. Nando touch-passed it back to Boris so beautifully that I passed out. I’m not sure that Nando really touched the ball. He placed it perfectly in Boris’ path to the rim and at just the right height that Boris could only do one thing with it. Lay it in.

Trending Up: Spurs Minutes

Tim and Tony barely played 22+ minutes. But, more importantly, Danny Green only played 16 (though he somehow managed a -5). This next game against the Magic will be tough. Anybody who has paid much attention to Pop’s interviews and rotations over the last several years know that it isn’t the game AFTER the long game that matters. It’s the game after it. Remember that game 7 in New Orleans in 2008 followed by the night on the tarmac and the early start to game 1 against the Lakers in the WCF? Pop thought they had a chance to steal game 1, but that game 2 was win the tired legs would show. That’s what happened.

Trending Down: Randy Wittman and James Anderson

I really have no idea what Wittman is doing with this team. They don’t appear to have any system they are running at either end of the court. Jordan Crawford just went one-on-one every time down court. Most of the other guys look totally lost, ie, Singleton, Vesely, Beal, and Ariza. People need roles and rules to develop. I don’t see the Wizards having any.

James Anderson got his first chunk of minutes since being called up from the D-League. In 7+ minutes, I didn’t see much different from him.

Stat of the Game: Tiago’s Stat Line, Obviously

Tiago was really, really good with his 15 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists. He was 4-5 from the field, 7-8 from the line, two blocks, two steals. On it went.

Tiago, with another strong night, is now at 75% from the free throw line this year. It isn’t a fluke, either. He looks really good right now. DeJuan is at 88% from the line.

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