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The Spurs 132-102 thumping of the Bobcats doesn’t deserve a full recap. So, I’m giving it the EP treatment. I have a pair of EPs, or CD singles, from Ministry. Just One Fix and Jesus Built My Hotrod. A damn fine pair of songs.

Just One Fix

Nothing like a good junkie song every once in awhile. Just like there is nothing wrong with a good old fashion ass kicking. The Spurs let the Bobcats play along for the better part of the first quarter, then I think Pop reminded them it was a long road trip. Boom! The hammer came down and it was a 10-pt game by the end of the first. 15 at the half. A half billion in third. Yeah, that’s a slight exaggeration, but the way we were burying 3s it may as well have been.

Jesus Built My Hotrod

There are two versions of it on my EP. The Redline/Whiteline version and the “short, pusillanimous, so-they-can-fit-more-commercials-on-the-radio edit”. I think you can guess which one I like best.

The Redline/Whiteline version has few sequences that are really long. They are enjoyable if you are in the mood to get into it and aren’t in a hurry. In a lot of ways, it’s a lot like the passing the team is doing now. They aren’t in a hurry to take a shot and many times pass up a shot that they should have taken. Additionally, in an attempt to out do one another, they are starting to add some flair to passes that isn’t necessary. I’m sure Pop will give them a reminder that the best pass is usually the simple pass.

As for Jesus Built My Hotrod, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers has lead vocals on it and I think it’s fantastic. Overall, the lyrics don’t make any sense — not to me, at least — as I’m not sure that you can create meaning from random arrangements of ‘ding’, ‘dang’, ‘bang’, ‘bong’, ‘long’, etc. However, the song isn’t about the lyrics. It’s about the overall driving sound they achieve. It’s awesome. Trust me. Oh, and make sure you can play it loud.

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