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I’d be curious to know what Pop thought of his team’s performance against the Wizards. The Spurs were reasonably sharp in the first half — I say reasonably because they did have a lot of turnovers — on their way to a 51-26 lead. The second half was hideous. The Wizards shot 25-46, 54%, on their way to a 60-point half.
The cherry on the top of the ugly half was the third quarter. The Wizards shot 13-17 from the field.

Song of the Game: Part Of The Process By Morcheeba

Bart and I have bemoaning the Spurs’ apparent lack of interest in playing right now. We are using that as our excuse for our spotty blogging. If the Spurs don’t care, why should we? The good side of things is that the Spurs have STILL reeled off 10 straight wins despite Bart’s and my dissatisfaction with their play. That will show us! Yes, we are spoiled.

That’s a long winded way of saying that it is all Part Of The Process. It’s a very long season and you can’t always be up for every game. You have to grind out the long, boring parts and focus on getting better in little bits. That’s what the team is doing now. So, enjoy some Morcheeba. They are always great.

Play of the Game:  8:19 to 5:43 of Q4

I’m going with this stretch of basketball. The 8:19 mark is our first shot after the Wizards had cut the lead to six. The 5:43 mark is the time of the fourth shot in that sequence by the Spurs. The Spurs’ shots were: Splitter dunk, Splitter layup, Green layup, Parker layup. Those are high quality shots and show what the team was capable of in this game when they decided to focus.

Trending Up: Tony’s Shot Selection

Tony is shooting 31-42 in his last three games and 40-58 in the last four. The guy is just amazing right now. He’s just been working teams over with his combination of drives, dishes, floaters, and pull-ups. He’s absolutely filthy. He’s also been turning it on when the team needs him in the fourth quarter.

Trending Down: Danny Green’s Handles and Gary Neal’s Shot

Danny Green has been atrocious the last few games handling the ball. Either throwing passes on the break or passes around the perimeter during an offensive set. It’s positively frightening when he as the ball and puts it on the floor.

Gary Neal is shooting line drives. His shot is flat and, in my opinion, has been ever since the beginning of last year when he returned from his appendectomy. I’m not sure if he developed a bad habit back then trying to come back before his legs are ready or what. But he doesn’t have the same sweet shot he did his first year with the Spurs. When I was at the Phoenix game watching warm ups, I noticed that his flat was flatter than every other players shot. That’s just not good.

Stat of the Game: Three Offensive Rebounds

We somehow managed to only grab three offensive rebounds in this game. That’s really, really low. I think you might have to try NOT to rebound to get that few. Tim had two of them.

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