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When push came to shove at the end of the game vs the Jazz, we made mistakes and they made plays. There really is on other way to describe the last 4:00 of the game in which we managed to get out scored 14-3. A whole host of errors left us dead at the buzzer.

It seems only appropriate that earlier in the day Mike Monroe wrote a blog post about the Spurs strength of “crunch-time mastery”. Later in the day, the Spurs made a couple handful of mistakes in crunch time. It started, innocently enough, by losing site of Gordon Hayward late in the shot clock. The one and only Jazz player on the floor capable of making a 3-pointer. He did. Spurs up 5.

Next up, Tim misses 1 of 2 free throws. No biggie. Spurs up 6.

Spurs get a stop thanks to a block shot by Tim and take off on the break up 6, with the ball, with 3:20 to go. Tony, in haste, double dribbles trying to make a play on the break. Al Jefferson responds by making a long 2-pointer late in the shot clock. Spurs up 4.

Spurs run a play and Danny Green misses a 3-pointer from the wing. It happens. However,  Hayward snags the rebound and hits Foye on a quick fast break as the Spurs fail to get back on defense giving up two easy points. Danny Green fouls Foye on the layup (Foye misses the FT after the time out). Spurs up 2.

Boris Diaw travels on the wing.

Spurs get a stop and have the ball up 2 with 2:00 to go. Danny Green turns the ball over passing to Tim at the top of the circle for the Spurs third turnover in the last four possessions. Al Jefferson goes coast-to-coast for the layup. Tie game.

Danny Green makes a pull up long two to put the Spurs up 2 with 1:30 to go. It’s the Spurs only bucket in the last 3 minutes of the game.

Spurs actually get a stop and have the ball with under a minute to go. Tim misses a wide open baseline jumper. Millsap hits an open jumper and the game is tied again with 40 seconds left.

Tony misses a quick long 2-pt jumper with 31 seconds left.

Spurs get Mo Williams to take a bad shot, Jazz get the rebound and call time out. Spurs get Mo Williams to take another bad shot and he makes it as the clock expires. Pop tells the media that it was terrible defense by Danny Green.

Count them all up and the Spurs had mental mistake after mental mistake, followed by missed long 2-pt shots (they never got into the paint in the last 3 minutes of the game), and the Jazz made their long 2-pt shots. Sometimes that happens. This was one of those times. It’s a game we gave away. Luckily, as Spurs fans, we don’t live through many of these each season since we do tend to execute well down the stretch.

A Song

Speaking of execution, I’ve been listening to Ride The Lightning a lot lately. The song as well as the album. I’ve grown particularly fond of the guitar solo in the song. Enjoy.

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