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Bart and I decided not to recap the Blazers debacle. He was at a concert and I was out at SxSW Interactive with Tim Varner of 48MoH. If you think I was going to intentionally subject myself to that game on a Saturday morning, well, then you must not think much of me.

On the flip side, I did spend Saturday coaching at a basketball skills camp. There were 80-100 teenage boys there participating. It was a hell of a six hour experience. I’ll get to some of it in the next couple days.

1. Song of the Game:

I’m not much of a rap person in general, but I really like “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys” by DMX. I mean I like it a lot. This is off of “…and then there was X”. Surprisingly, I like the whole album, but this one is my favorite.

2. Who Has to Be Stopped:

Kevin Durant, of course. Ok, he can’t really be stopped. We do have to keep him off the free throw line and we need to make him work for his buckets. Most importantly, though, we have to not let him score at will in the last six minutes of the game. That’s the section of the game I’ll really be paying attention to if it is close. How hard can we make Durant work to score in crunch time? Last year, we couldn’t make him work hard at all. He just owned us.

3. Who Has to Go Off:

Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi needs to make Durant work on the defensive end. Kevin can snooze occasionally and Kawhi needs to make him pay. Personally, I’d really like to see Kawhi take this as a challenge to measure himself on both ends of the floor. Durant is the premier perimeter player in the league and there is no better measuring stick.

4. And the Crystal Ball Says….:

Spurs by 7. We will be a bitter and hungry team after Friday’s loss and the Thunder are playing their fourth game in five days. They don’t play a deep rotation and I expect that their shots will stop falling late in the third quarter. Look for Pop to really have the team pushing the pace.

5. I’m Wrong If….:

…we lay a defensive egg like we did on Friday. Or, if that nut puncher Serge Ibaka goes all J.J. Hickson on us. Ibaka’s perimeter shooting is a great measuring stick of how we play them. If he’s knocking down the 17′ jumpers, then we’ll be in a heap of trouble.

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