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We have one more week of a bunch of lousy teams and boring games to endure. I like a good old fashioned ass kicking as much as the next guy, but this has been ridiculous. The team has to play a disappointing game for the margin to be under 15. The Wolves and Sixers are just awful teams. Those are not fun games to watch. The Nets? UGHHH!!!

For what it is worth, I perfectly nailed the Spurs’ records at the end of November. I had them at 12-4 and they were 12-4. Go me!

at Utah Jazz

The Jazz enter the week at a robust 5-15  and coming off a home loss to the Orlando Magic. Frankly, I like our chances!

  • Derrick Favors — He played a big game against the Magic with 21 and 13. He was 10-17 from the field and added 5 blocks. He’s the only guy I see us having trouble with on the defensive end. And only because Tiago is out.
  • Gordon Hayward — He’s easily their most complete player. Unfortunately, he’s going up against Kawhi.
  • Enes Kanter — He’s a bruiser. A physical brute in the paint. I expect Tim will have some problems with him, especially with Enes getting offensive rebounds in the first half. Tim will clean it up, get him in foul trouble, and have a Tim type game.
  • Trey Burke — He shoots 37% from the field and 31% from 3-pt. He’s also smaller than Tony. I’m guessing Tony won’t play and Cory will give him hell.
  • Rodney Hood — I don’t know a thing about him except he’s a rookie out of Duke and he is 6′ 8″. He’s shooting 30% (29.6%) from the field and 29% (29.4%) from 3-pt.

With the lack of outside shooting, I expect us to really pack the paint. Given the nature of games played in Salt Lake City, this will probably be a very physical game and will feature a lot of free throws (for a Spurs game). If we can get anything going from the outside, then we will run away with it. The Jazz, by the way, will be on a SEGABABA.

Spurs by 17.

New York Knicks

We turn around and play a home game as a back-to-back with the Jazz. The Knicks are an awful team. They start the week at 4-18 and sporting an 8-game losing streak. They will also be on a back-to-back.

  • Carmelo Anthony — I don’t like his game. To me, he’s just like Joe Johnson, but without the defense. A ball stopping, isolation dribbling, low percentage shooter. Popovich has chunks of guys like him in his bowels.
  • Quincy Acy — I don’t know a whole lot about him, but his profile screams an offensively challenged DeJuan Blair.
  • Amare Stoudemire — Did you know that Amare is 32 and has been in the league 12 years? I will enjoy watching Tim destroy him in the paint.
  • Jose Calderon — aka, Mr. Peepers (youtube it if you don’t know it).  A very defensively challenged point guard with great court vision. I expect a lot of Danny Green on him.
  • Iman Shumpert — I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play. I read a lot about him being a trade asset. I imagine a lot of that is because he is in New York and players in New York always get that said about them if they don’t completely suck. Remember Landry Fields?

While they have lost 8 in a row, it should be noted that they aren’t getting blown out. Margin by game: 4, 1, 3, 5, 7, 27, 7 in OT, 5.

My interest in this game is the match up between Kawhi and Carmelo. I want to see how Kawhi defends Carmelo, especially in the post. Carmelo is very physical. On the other end, Kawhi could go off if Carmelo doesn’t have his head on straight.

Spurs by 23.

Los Angeles Lakers

Friday brings the Lakers to town and they start the week with a 5-15 record. That’s 14-48 for the first three opponents of the week.

  • Carlos Boozer — Booze is only playing 26 minutes per game this year. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is because he is terrible defensively. Bobo will have a field day in this one.
  • Wesley Johnson — 42% from the field and 32% from 3-pt. To his credit, he is a Texan hailing from Corsicana.
  • Jordan Hill — If we can keep him off the offensive glass, then we keep him out of the game.
  • Jeremy Lin — I can’t wait to see Kawhi get another crack at him.
  • Kobe Bryant — Kobe is the only way these guys manage to stay in it. Kobe is shooting 39% from the field and 29% from 3-pt. If we can keep him out of the paint and off the line, then we’ll be good.

This is an abysmal team with no defense. Still, I will always enjoying beating the Lakers senseless.

Spurs by 19.

at Denver Nuggets

Sunday is when things get interesting. The Nuggets, at 9-11, are still not a very good team. But the game is in Denver and they have been playing a bit better as of late. They will, though, be coming in on a back-to-back after playing Saturday in Houston.

  • Wilson Chandler — He can shoot the 3-pt shot. Done.
  • J.J. Hickson — He’s an active rebounder. Done.
  • Timofey Mozgov — He’s 7′ 1″. Done.
  • Ty Lawson — He’s shooting 42% from the field and 29% from 3-pt. Keep him out of the paint. Done.
  • Arron Afflalo — People like this guy. Good all-around player. I wonder if he’d fit with us. Done.

Gallinari is really struggling this year. He’s shooting 35% from the field and 30% from 3-pt. He’s only getting 19 minutes per game and he’s not doing much with it. The guy has been ravaged by injury his entire career and he’s only 26. I wonder if he’ll make it back to anything close to what he showed.

Spurs by 8. Much closer than it should be, but we will win it.

Player To Watch

Cory Joseph has really come into his own. He’s running the offense very well. He’s hitting his mid-range shot. He’s getting to the rim a lot. He gets a week against point guards that aren’t top tier. I’m interested, match up by match up, to see if he is the better point guard on the floor.

Other thing of interest

Austin Daye and Jeff Ayers have been abolished from the line ups. Kyle Anderson is getting significant run before either of those guys. I’m not sure what will happen when everyone gets back healthy, but I’m not so sure that Kyle Anderson is going to log a lot of time in Austin. We will see.


I happened to listen to Slipknot tonight. I don’t think I had ever heard them prior to tonight and I put the CD on random. The first song was Disasterpiece. Holy shit this drummer is awesome. It really blew me away. I can’t imagine how he could keep it up for an entire show.


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