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This is a new series I meant to start at the beginning of the season. I’m a bit slow, but I’m finally getting around to acknowledging the season has started.

We have three very unexciting games coming up. Well, they should be very unexciting. These are great candidates for the DVR because I have serious doubts about my ability to watch them live without falling asleep.

There are only three games on the slate for this week: Pacers on Wednesday, Kings on Friday, and at Celtics on Sunday at noon.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers are running a disaster of a team out there right now. The Monday night starters against the Mavs:

  • Luis Scola — Approximately 47 years old and as quick as a smooth muscle suffering from diverticulitis.
  • Solomon Hill — He’s in his second year out of Arizona. He averaged 1.7 points per game last year. In his 28 games and 8.1 minutes per game, he took a grand total of 40 shots. 23 of those 40 shots were 3-pt shots. He made 30.4%. Think about that.
  • Ian Mahinmi — My good buddy Ian. I miss Ian. He’s a damn fine individual. I wish I could go down to watch the game. Maybe I’d get a chance to see him and his dad.
  • Rodney Stuckey — A slow-footed, shoot-first point guard in a point guard’s body.
  • Donald Sloan — A slow-footed, pass-first point guard in a point guard’s body. Playing shooting guard.

These guys have been ravaged by injuries and they lost Stephenson in free agency. They are a mess and they show no signs of getting better. In fact, they’ve been hammered by 20+ in the their last two losses (before the Mavs game). They did, however, beat the Bulls. So that counts for something.

This should be a complete rout for us. I fully expect it to be a 20-25 margin heading into the fourth quarter. I’m very excited to see another quarter of Kyle Anderson and Boris Diaw playing point guard.

NOTE: The Pacers just beat the Mavericks.

Sacramento Kings

This is the one game with some possible interest. At the very least, I hope the Spurs are motivated to get a little revenge for their loss up in Sacto.

Sacramento will be playing the fourth game of a four game road trip and on the heels of a Tue/Wed back-to-back against Pelicans/Rockets.

The Kings are playing a pretty short rotation and relying heavily on their starters:

  • Jason Thompson — He’s playing through a minor quad injury, but he had a nice game against us with 4 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists.
  • Rudy Gay — I don’t like him and never have. He’s just a terrible match up against Kawhi. He shot 7-20 last time and I expect about the same thing again. Although, it will probably be a lower percentage this time.
  • DeMarcus Cousins — The man is a beast. He destroyed the Wolves with 30 and 18. He was 11-15 from the field and 9-10 from the line. This is one of those games where we could really use Tiago. On the flip side, no Tiago means more Baynes. Cousins and Baynes is fun.
  • Darren Collison — Collison is probably the key to this game. We need to contain him and limit the damage. He had 19 against us last time and I’d really like to see it around 10.
  • Ben McLemore — We did limit him last time and we need to do it again. He’s a 41% 3-pt shooter and the one guy who can really hurt you from out there.

They did just get Derrick Williams back, but his 30 minutes played accounted for 41% of the team’s bench minutes. Look for the Spurs to really kick up the intensity on defense and for them to really push the pace. Getting Cousins tired, and in foul trouble, will be a big help.

I think we put a big-time ass kicking on them. One of those games where all the shots go in. Just a feeling.

At Boston Celtics

The Celtics are another one of the many abysmal teams in the East. It’s a shame the Sixers are so bad because they are stealing the thunder from all the other tremendously crappy teams in the conference. The Leastern Conference isn’t even a good joke any more. It should be renamed the Turds Gunning For An NBA Finals Loss. Or, The 7th Best Team In The NBA.

This game tips off at 1:00 Boston time. The early start will be the only reason this thing might be close early. The Celtics are 4-8 (hey, they beat the Bulls too!) with two of their wins against the Sixers and Pacers. The Celtics starting five:

  • Jared Sullinger — Big, overweight power forward who fancies himself a 3-pt shooter. Takes 3.3 per game. Makes 27%.
  • Jeff Green — Big small forward who fancies himself a shooting guard. Takes 5.5 3-ptrs per game. Makes 27%.
  • Kelly Olynyk — Looks like Alvin Lee from 10 Years After. Shoots 2.6 3s per game. Makes 45%!!!! Seriously.
  • Rajon Rondo — Totally psychotic.
  • Avery Bradley — Shoots 4.4 3-ptrs per game. Makes 30%.

I won’t even tell you who is on their bench. It’s depressing.

Spurs by 10.

Player To Watch

Danny Green. He has started to heat up. I’m curious to see what happens now that he has his 3-ptr going. Will he continue to drive the ball to the rim? Will he start forcing up 3s? Will he try to run more pick and roll? These are questions that inquiring minds want to know.

Kyle Anderson/Austin Spurs

The Austin Toros underwent a rebranding this summer. They are now the Austin Spurs (I think this is a brilliant piece of marketing and I’ll cover that at some later date). Our good buddy Kyle Anderson was assigned to them Sunday for a game against Santa Cruz. Kyle has been struggling with his shot so far this season, but he didn’t seem to have any issues in Austin. He was 7-16 from the floor, hit one of his two from long distance, grabbed 11 rebounds (all defensive), and dished out 6 assists. He only had one turnover in his 41 minutes.


I picked myself up an Essential Waylon Jennings CD set a few weeks ago. I, like everyone, am very familiar with his greatest hits. But, this set has a bunch of songs I don’t know. There are a few outstanding songs. One, however, really stands out to me. It is “Sweet Dream Woman“. I think it is positively beautiful. On the other end of the spectrum, is a rocking number called “I Ain’t Living Long Like This” that must be from his outlaw period.

This Wednesday, I’ll do my second post in the building block series. It will be on shot selection of our offense. It will be for the Cavs, Wolves, and Nets games. I haven’t been able to watch the Nets game yet so I haven’t analyzed it yet.

Black Rooster by The Kills

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